In formerly concept, the base function of the curtain is to protect personal privacy, sunshade, dustproof and so on.  But in recent years, with the change of consumption idea and the life quality improving, curtain already become a important part of home decoration, curtain constitute and usage request change along with curtain function increase, therefore motorized curtain born at the right moment. Motorized motor dose not only improve life quality, also more fit modern life style. In recent years, Smart Home is use gradually by more and more families, motorized become a very important part of Smart Home.

    In the past, you have to pull the curtain to open and close by hand in the morning and evening, that is very inconvenient, like french windows of the villa and duplex home with height exceed 6 meters and 5 meters width if use manual curtain, it is very inconvenient, not easy to clean and maintain.

    How to conveniently open and close these kinds of manual curtain? In fact, NOVO motorized curtain motor can help you to solve these problems easily. Only press the handheld remote controller, can open and close, up and down the curtain.

    Therefore, you can enjoy the convenience of the modern technology with the motorized curtain come into your life. Motorized curtain will faithfully serve you according to your instructions as long as gently press the controller. When the Morning come, just touch gently, the house will be full of warm sunshine along with the curtain opened automatically, When the outdoor light weakened gradually along with the evening coming, room’s light will be lighted automatically , curtain will be close automatically by  touch the button gently.

    With the development of technology, the continuous improvement of people's living and working conditions, motorized curtains is becoming more and more accepted by people. In Europe and other developed countries, motorized curtain has been widely used. 
Motorized curtain products not only realized automation, also realized automation through the wireless controller, and more and more advanced science and technology industries has achieved products intellectualized operate through by sunshine, temperature, wind etc, that help reduced the labor intensity and prolong the service life of the curtain. Motorized curtain started relatively late in China, not popularized like Europe, and the price is higher than manual curtain, cause many consumer refuse to use because of the expensive price. Domestic motorized curtain is a decent choice because of reasonable price and good quality, select substantial manufacturers can be control cost and promise after-sales service. 

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