Breakthrough again
Just another growth

Latest highly thin A3 button transmitter
Extremely durable and extremely light
Unique pull-type battery slot,
Diamond high brightness acrylic panels,

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  • A3-5 channel black/white button transmitter

A3-5 channel black/white button transmitter

A: Represent control system

3: Represent outward appearance

1channel-5channel: Represent the number that Transmitters can independently control

black/white:Refer tocolor

Model Size


width 40mm

thickness 9.9mm

Feature function

Ultra-thin design,thickness only9.9mm

Best imported acrylic material panel

strong an-ti-interference

center frequencystable,easy setment

inching and continuous seperate control

Withdraw battery box design ,no need for screw

all imported components and material

Imported siliconebutton pressing switch

up, down , stop , inching and continuous move change function

Product parameter

Working temperature-20℃~+60℃

Working humidity≤90%

button battery×2

Protection gradeIP40