Guangzhou NOVO sunshade Technology Ltd. is a set development , production, sales  professional electric curtains manufacturers. We are specialized in the production of electric curtain motors: electric curtain motor series, tubular motor series , venetian blinds motor series  Skylight shade motor series , curtain components , electric curtain control system , curtain track .  

    The electric curtain classification is as below:

    Curtains is used in home or office or public place for privacy, shading, decoration 
    Common curtain are : fabric roller shutter ,  aluminum blinds, wood venetian blinds, vertical blinds, and electric curtains.

    Roller blinds 

    Roller blinds also called fabric roller curtain , Comparing traditional fabric curtain opening and closing horizontally, it roll up and down for opening and closing. So it is called Roller blinds.
It is widely use for office, home, hotels, villas and other places. It is also one of the most common curtains. In accordance with the mode of operation can be divided into pull the bead curtain type shutter, spring-loaded shutter curtains, electric  shutter curtain.

    Aluminum venetian blinds

    Aluminum blinds, aluminum alloy mainly produced by processing, a durable new, easy to clean, not aging, fading, shading, insulation, ventilation and fire prevention, are used for office, home, hotels, villas and other places.

   Wood venetian blinds

    Wood venetian blinds is a family house software installed decorations, new buildings, renovation will basically use. Modern people advocates healthy and comfortable life. Wood has its unique natural beauty in all decoration materials. Simple piece of wood, steel and concrete jungle secluded let urban people think of verdant trees and shady woods, as if there are strands of the fresh oxygen flowing out of the leafy tip slips plunged heart.

    Vertical Blinds

    Vertical Blinds hung vertically on the rail, thus named vertical blinds, it achieve the curtains and dimming collapse by manual way. Manual curtain uses slew page structure, page tablets can be rotated 180 degrees, so it can not only adjust indoor light, but also for shade purpose. 
Track made of high quality aluminum alloy, smooth opening and closing, closing pull freely, frosted surface oxidation treatment, smooth and delicate, durable and lasting; rail four gear lever to adjust a diameter of 5mm aluminum structure, the use of copper nuts and Engineering plastic fixed.

    Fabric curtain 

    Fabric curtain is sewed by designed fabrics. Fabric curtains can be classified according to their different fabrics, process: printing and dyeing cloth, dyed, printed cloth jacquard cloth, and so. which is colorful, rich  patterns and delicate.

    Electric curtains

    Electric curtain is control by remote control for opening and closing .  (Curtains cars, home improvement curtains, office curtains, curtain venue) electric curtains can not only protect the privacy of passengers, it can also insulation, block UV, adjust lighting.