Light, Smart
Powerful enough

Renowned NOVO venetian blinds motors show technological
strength everywhere. With an integrated design process,
it is powerful with compact is not just motor.
it is the top grade of industry standards.
This is just beginning.

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  • E24-4E-SA-1


E: Represent venetian motor

24: Represent diameter 24mm

4E: Represent electronic limit + receivers + battery + low power consumption

SA: represent single shaft

1.2: Represent 1.2N torque

Model Size

Height: 138mm

Width: 24mm

Thickness: 25mm

Feature function

DC voltage design

Ultra-quiet design

overall design

High Power

outbuilt lithium battery, low power


Built-in receiver

Low failure rate

Built-in automatic brake function, the stop

function when meet resistance

Unique military-grade anti-jamming FSK868 FM

easy to instal, integrated products

Electronic automatic memory function

itinerary and electronic limit

Built-in wire design

Long working life

Embedded radio control system

change direction function

Jog, continuous function

Small instal space

Compatible smart home system

Product parameter

Torque 1.2N.m

working voltage 9V

speed 36rpm

Noise index ≤45dB

Frequency of use ≥10000