Powerful Enough

New A2-12 remote control transmitter
the essence of technology convergence
12 full frequency seamless connection
HD LED digital display, top chip module

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  • A2-12 channel transmitter

A2-12 channel transmitter

A: Represent control system

2:Represent outward appearance

12channel: Represent the number that Transmitters can independently control

Model Size



Feature function

All imported comopents and material

strong an-ti-interference

Super long use life

center frequencystable,easy setment

868MHz wireless frequency high sensitivity

button pressing switch

up, down , stop , inching and continuous

move change function

Digital LCD display screen

Single control , group control, transmit signal strength display

Control distance: long distance control, outdoor visible distance 200 meters, indoors through walls distance 30 meters

Product parameter

Transmission frequency 868 MHZ

emissionpower 10mW

Working temperature-20℃~+60℃


Protection gradeIP40