Light and Smart,
But more powerful

A3 touch screen remote
Its craft presents everywhere
Light but powerful
Design should be as it.

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  • A 3-1-5 channels black/white touch screen transmitter

A 3-1-5 channels black/white touch screen transmitter

A: Represent control system

3: Represent outward appearance

1-5channel: Represent the number that Transmitters can independently control

black/white:Refer tocolor

Model Size

length 135mm

with 40mm

thickness 9.9mm

Feature function

Ultra-thin design,thickness only9.9mm

Best imported acrylic material panel

Popular touch screen design

strong an-ti-interference

center frequencystable,easy setment

inching and continuous seperate control

868MHz wireless frequency high sensitivity

Withdraw battery box design ,no need for screw

all imported components and material

touch screen function

up, down , stop , inching and continuous move change function

Product parameter

Transmission frequency 868 MHZ

Working temperature -20℃~+60℃

Working humidity ≤90%

button battery×2

Protection grade IP40